Fast Architektur


"In her series Fast Architektur (2017), Vienna-based artist Brigitte Mahlknecht appropriates the visual language of architecture and urban planning to create drawings of modular objects. On close study of Mahlknecht´s line drawings, witch at once resemble monumental architecture and stacks of cardboard boxes, one observes that the artist has left the geometric forms unresolved. The state of intentional „unfinish“ obscures the distinction between interior and exterior, sound design and instability. Deliberately defying interpretation, readings of Mahlknecht´s work oscillate, when one viewer perceives a sketch for a modernist building, another viewer might identify an abstract entanglement of intersection lines. In Fast Architektur, as in her broader practice, Mahlknecht explores the difficulty of describing spaces imbued with a mathematical logic that contradicts phenomenological experience."  Brett Littman 2018

"Ihre Gebilde entwerfen Fast-Architekturen, die sich im fluiden Zustand des Zur-Erscheinung-Kommens, im Prozess des Bildwerdens befinden, aber nicht zur festen Form gerinnen und sich weigern, den Raum des Zeichnerischen zu verlassen."  Heinrich Schwazer 2018

(The word "fast" means "almost" in German. Thus, the title Fast Architektur plays with the English and German meanings)

Book: Fast Architektur

Fast Architektur
waxcrayon on primed paper, 55,8 x 42 cm and 150 x 115 cm